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Jon Hayes



My biggest passion through High School was being a wrestler and learning to overcome adversity. When I graduated and began going to college I needed something that could give me that same feeling. I pursued a Marketing degree at U of M, and wanted to accompany it with my love for strength and conditioning. 

After High School I started working at Physical Therapy clinic that happened to own a CrossFit gym. I wanted to find a way to link rehabilitation with strength and conditioning. That was when I found CrossFit and Weightlifting. I never looked back, and I began coaching and loving my job more and more every day. However, I struggled with confidence in myself. Coaching CrossFit and Weightlifting gave me meaning and purpose because I was blessed with an opportunity to help others achieve their definition of greatness. 

To me, there is nothing more exciting than seeing an athlete PR their Snatch or Clean and Jerk on a Weightlifting platform, or walk into the gym and say “I’ve lost 10% body fat and feel the best I ever have.” I’ve had the opportunity to bring fitness into my current career as a Wellness Coordinator at a senior living home. I now hear, “I am such a better grandparent because of my ability to take what I learned in an exercise program, and put it to use in real life.” These are the moments that are rewarding as a coach.