A lot of different ways to earn points, huh?  NO WORRIES, this is designed to work at YOUR threshold!  First of all, on our social media we will be giving out tips and ideas on how to incorporate these items into your lifestyle.  Secondly, it will be hard to earn all of these points every day!  If you pull through on the challenge, the results will be unrivaled!  However, if only taking on ONE or TWO of these items is all that is within your threshold, you will still benefit from the challenge, and you will still get a shot at the weekly participation drawings!  Essentially, at the end of each week we will be putting ALL the names of the participant who logged all 7 days into a drawing for the Rogue Gift Cards ($50) and the Fit Aid Swag ($100).  maximum)!  Here are the steps in joining this challenge!:

‚ÄčThe 810 CrossFit Winter Melt Challenge is a 5-week, In-House TEAM challenge!  The goal here is to raise awareness to daily lifestyle choices we can make to better our health!  The challenge is scalable to anyone who'd like to make ANY changes to their current lifestyle!  The "winner" (person who earns the most points) will get bragging rights... However, there will be Rogue Gift card and Fit Aid swag drawings to the participants who log results every day!  Check out the different ways to earn points!:

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