“If you think weightlifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” -Bret Contreras

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810 CrossFit - Madeline Theede Photography

This time next week #810barbellclub and it’s 8 athletes are Vegas bound ! 
@traciaber7 @ddslewis16 @jhayes_94 @annavictoria19 @bcum63 @josieaddison @wolverine_sarah @justin.duong789
If you see any of them around the gym wish them luck❤️

“Sore? Tired? Out of breath? Sweaty? Good... It’s working.” #810trained #worldclassfitnesslounge 
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September 16-22 📷

Welcome Andy!
810 CrossFit New Member Special for 810 BootCamp
810 CrossFit Madeline Theede Photography

Doesn’t our 810 crew clean up so well! Looks like they’re having a great time in Vegas for AO3!

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810 CrossFit - Madeline Theede Photography

Our NEW Corporate Wellness Programs

✅ 3 Program Options
✅ Create Comradery in the Workplace
✅ Feel free to share this with anyone you think could benefit!

October state of The Gym Address

Barbells for Boobs

Working out is more fun with a good friend by your side.

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Who says you can’t be pregnant AND CrossFit? #retoricalquestion #youcan #810trained 

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That’s right - there’s bubble wrap beneath his feet! Starting young is fun!

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Who knew Saved by the Barbell cleanup could be fun?

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We are Hosting a

Everyone welcome Andy to the team! Be jealous! He’s got strict HSPU already!​

We’re in the business of fighting for what we want. #fightfortherep #fightforthehealth​

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​​Join us in this great mission to raise money towards mammograms for those in need and breast cancer awareness!  The date of our event will be Thursday, October 25.  Be there for a 7:30PM start!  Wear your pink gear, and plan to stay after.  We will have a small social afterwards, bring your own drinks!  

Coach Randy of 810 CrossFit hitting 3/3 in Las Vegas
810 CrossFit will be in Las Vegas for the Open!
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Saved by the Barbell Participants at 810 CrossFit



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September 9-15 📷


October 1: WOD 8 of the CrossFit Team Series
October 25: 
Barbells for Boobs
October 28: 
No 9:30am CrossFit Class
October 31: 
No Kids Classes Today - Happy Halloween!
Either 7am CrossFit @ 810 OR Pool WOD @ GBH

810 CrossFit - Madeline Theede Photography

Congratulations to our Athletes who participated in the Las Vegas Open!

From Our Facebook

Thanks everyone who came out for saved by the barbell this morning !​

810 CrossFit - Madeline Theede Photography

Does your dentist even lift?!? Coach @ddslewis16 hitting 3/3! So proud of our #810barbellclub be on the lookout for a full meet recap!​

810 CrossFit in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Open 810 CrossFit Althete Results

September 23-29 📷

September 1-8 📷

► We are moving forward with #810trained programming


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810 CrossFit October Calendar

► There's still time to tell your friends, family, or co-workers about our New Member BootCamp Special!

810 CrossFit Madeline Theede Photography


October 2: Jason Lewis

October 3: Lindsey Wickman

October 6:  Chris Ely

October 10: Helda Palshan

October 11: Sai Chand Chennoju

October 14: Abbey Cowen

October 19: Elizabeth Reeves & Heather Grzymkowski

October 24: Vanessa Gibbs

October 26: Matt Franklin

​October 27: Dana Turnbow 

October 28: Morgan Jakeway

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