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Introducting Level Method Testing

The idea of this is NOT to create an uber-competitive environment. The goal is to assess our fitness level, address our own individual needs, & progress our fitness for the long haul!

November state of The Gym Address

Good morning from 810 Barbell Club! We take our rest time pretty seriously.​

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Thank you to everyone who participated ​in our 2018 Barbells for Boobs Event!

Happy Halloween!
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Madeline Theede Photography


November 5: 1st Day of Level Method Testing
November 10: 
7:00am WOD | No 9:30am Class
November 20: 
Last Day for Level Method Testing
November 22: 
8:30am Thanksgiving WOD | Happy Thanksgiving everyone
November 29: 
Make-Up Method Level Testing Day

What is the Level Method?

A fitness ranking system (much like Brazilian Jiujitsu belts) that will help keep us safe, engaged, and progressing over the long-term.  It will help us to identify personal strengths/weaknesses, and it will help us to properly scale workouts for the correct stimulus.

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Coach Liz is a happy BOOT camper!

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Our NEW Corporate Wellness Programs

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βœ… Create Comradery in the Workplace
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October Highlights πŸ“·

β–Ί We are moving forward with #810trained programming


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November 7: Beth Przybylski

November 10: Josie Addison

November 12:  Greg White

November 28: Zsalanda Richardson

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