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Everybody looks forward to Friday workout..... Just for the post workout Friday “lunch” 😉​

“When you feel like you can’t keep going, that’s when you give it all you’ve got.”

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We are so proud of the fitness goals laura has met during the past year at 810 CrossFit
810 CrossFit - Madeline Theede Photography


810 CrossFit Coach Jon Instructing Kipping Pull-Ups
Congratulations to two 810 CrossFit Barbell Club Coaches who attained their USAW Advanced Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach Certification this weekend!

Week of July 23 📷


August 7: Ryan Chandanais & Olivia Morales

August 12: Brandon Cummings & Laura Bridenstine

August 18:  Danny Sniegocki

August 19: Malcolm Cottle

August 22: Spencer Koons

August 23: Carly Schlinkert

August 24: Jolee Woody

August 26: Brianna Swank

August 28: Steve Wood

August 29: Thomas Daffern

August 30: Sarah Juretich & Scott Putnam

August 31: Randall Lewis & Joe McGinnis

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Ab day every day.

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This chick has a husband, two kids, and two dogs at home. What’s your excuse?

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Unsure where to start or how to get a recipe?

Check out the following websites to get some ideas to create your own recipe or just copy one!

810 CrossFit Coaches take safety seriously

Our NEW Corporate Wellness Programs

✅ 3 Program Options
✅ Create Comradery in the Workplace
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August state of The Gym Address

Don’t underestimate the power of the SkiErg.

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🎩 Hat’s off to our #810aerobiccapacity club on their 6 Mile run/walk this morning!​

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810 CrossFit Members get together for lunch

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810 Aerobic Capacity Club training for The Crim - 810 CrossFit

► We are moving forward with #810trained programming


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810 CrossFit Madeline Theede Photography

Coach Jon preaching beautiful kipping pull-ups. 

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Come one, Come all!

Eat & Share Delicious Food!
Steal ideas from each other on how to eat/prepare healthier!

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“A clean mind always delivers power.” -Norman Vincent Peale

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► There's still time to tell your friends, family, or co-workers about our New Member BootCamp Special!

You’re never too good be coached and make improvements. 

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What's your excuse?

Congratulations to these two 810 Barbell Club coaches who attained their USAW Advanced Weightlifting and Sports Perfromance Coach certification this weekend!

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Sign up for the Crim here, and get ready for it with our new Aerobic Capacity Club!

When it comes to critiquing quality of movement, a good coach crouches, squats, or lays on the floor to see faults.

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August 3: "Nicole" Benchmark
August 5: 
ACC, Crim Prep: Run 8 Miles
August 12: 
ACC, Crim Prep: Run 10 Miles
August 13: 
"Cindy" Benchmark 
August 18: 
7am Adult CrossFit / NO 9:30am Class | Barbell Club @ CANUSA
August 19:
ACC Crim Prep: Run 6 Miles | Barbell Club @ CANUSA

August 21: "Nate" Benchmark

August 23: Healthy Dish Potluck

August 24: ACC is running The Crim!

What a difference a year makes!
Between bussing around a bunch of soccer kids and working nights Laura finds a way to make it work. Laura we are so proud of you and your commitment to the process! ​

  • Admission to this event is a one "family size" healthy dish to pass!
  • Please bring recipe cards so people can recreate the recipe if they'd like
  • Please mark on the recipe card why the dish is "healthy". Is it paleo, 40/30/30 balanced, keto-friendly, ect.
  • If possible, include the macronutrient breakdown
  • You can email the recipe card to joe@810crossfit.com if you'd like to have us print it!