Spend 1-3 days with Joe DeGain at 810 CrossFit attending the CrossFit Preferred Course "Coaches Development Program."  Learn how to:

  • Rapidly identify root causes of faults in group classes and individual sessions.
  • Rapidly prioritize movement corrections.
  • Manage class logistics for groups of all sizes by maximizing space, addressing equipment concerns and performing safety checks.
  • Offer multiple scaling options for beginner, intermediate, advanced, elite and injured/limited athletes.
  • Effectively program for and develop a deeper understanding of all clients: new athletes, health-and-wellness athletes, recreational competitors and elite competitors.
  • Implement specialized classes and programming within your affiliate; i.e., competitors, kids, gymnastics, weightlifting, etc.
  • Discover and cultivate an authentic presence and attitude to better lead groups and create positive, energetic learning environments and communities.