At 810 CrossFit, we believe tracking weight, body fat composition, individual limb lean mass, intracellular and extracellular water (indicator of inflammation levels), and visceral fat (this is the fat on our organs that leads to chronic disease) is critical to tracking health. 

To accomplish this, we have outfitted 810 CrossFit with the InBody 570.  It will accomplish everything in one minutes time.  This machine is available to both members and non-members.  Each testing includes the printed analysis sheet shown above & the description explained HERE.


MEMBERS ($17.50/Analysis).  Purchase the block from our vending machine.  Give the block to a coach.  They will take care of you!

Non-Members ($35/Analysis).  Email to arrange a time to come in!

Here is the FAQ you need to know to get as accurate of a testing as possible:

​1.  Always try to recreate the same testing environments (first thing in the morning is ideal).  

​2.  DO NOT eat 2 hours before testing.

3.  DO NOT workout for 12 hours before testing.

4.  DO NOT Consume diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, and medication before testing.

5.  DO NOT test if you have a fever, cold, or chill.

6.  DO NOT test during a menstrual cycle.

7.  DO NOT consume alcohol 24 hours prior to the test.

8.  DO NOT apply hand or foot lotion prior to the test.

Here is the details on how it works:

1.  Bioelectrical Impedance sends an electrical current through the body (this current is usually not felt, although it sometimes may have a slight, non-aggressive sensation).

2.  The Inbody 570 is different than bathroom and other store models (usually criticized for their inaccuracy) because it analyzes each limb individually with multiple frequencies for accuracy.  This is a health-clinic grade assessment.