All fitness levels are welcome, from conditioned to deconditioned, from skinny to obese, from young to old.  The goal of this challenge is to change lives.


We all need challenges to grow.  Surrounding ourselves with other goal-oriented individuals, a top-end coaching staff, and a set of metrics to see results will complete the support network necessary for success.


This six week challenge includes a special, 6 week 810 Bootcamp Membership ($125) or a 6 week 810 CrossFit Membership ($200), a FREE pre-challenge one-on-one nutrition consult, and a FREE before/ after Body Composition Analysis (weight, body fat %, individual limb lean mass, intracellular and extracellular water (indicator of inflammation levels), and visceral fat levels (this is the fat on our organs that leads to chronic disease). 


810 CrossFit


*The challenge and membership are good for SIX weeks, with a 4 week window to start!:

Start anytime between 12/26/2018 - 1/14/2019

*The pre-challenge Body Composition Analysis and nutritional consult can be scheduled immediately after signing up for the challenge.  Directions on how to schedule these will email upon registration.

Crossfit in Grand Blanc