As a member of 810 CrossFit you have "#810trained" meetings.  These meetings are mandatory a minimum every 90 days!  

The purpose of these mandatory meetings is to discuss your progress in the gym, nutrition, injuries, weakness plans, or any other topic that may be on your mind.   
These meetings can include our Body Composition Analysis, or our 11-Point Mobility Assessment if that is the direction you desire to take.

When you first join the gym, there is a $25 "set-up" fee.  That is the charge for your first "#810trained meeting (not applicable to "New You" or "Murph" Challenge members).  Once the meeting is used, you are charged $25 and your WODIFY app will credit another meeting to your account for your scheduling.  If the meeting is not used within 90 days, the meeting will expire and you will be charged $25 for a new meeting to be credited to your account.  

*To schedule an "#810trained" meeting, use your WODIFY app.  From the upper right menu icon, select "My Appointments." If you do not show appointments available (or if you are not a member and would just like an appointment), please contact


Early Mornings: 4:45-5:15AM, 5:15-5:45AM.

 Late Mornings: 9-9:30AM, 10:30-11AM.

Late Afternoons: 2:30-3PM, 4-4:30PM. 

Evenings: 5-5:30PM, 6-6:30PM, 7:30-8PM.

*Because a coach is hired to run this one-on-one meeting, all meetings cancelled within 24 hours notice will result in a loss of session.